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Telemedicine Lowers Costs

How Telemedicine Lowers Costs and Improves Healthcare Access

The word telemedicine may not mean much to your right now, but this healthcare trend is quickly becoming a priority for healthcare companies worldwide, as its changing the way healthcare is provided to patients everywhere.

Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication (ex. phone, software, application, etc.) to provide clinical healthcare at a distance. It eliminates the distance barrier between patients and healthcare providers and greatly improves access to medical services.

Imagine being able to make a quick call or video chat to your doctor to properly diagnose your symptoms instead of waiting a month for an in-person doctor’s appointment. Telemedicine provides instant access, the moment your symptoms begin to show. This can be extremely beneficial to patients in remote areas or those with busy lifestyles that can’t fit an in-person doctor’s visit into their schedule. In addition, patients are able to save money by avoiding unnecessary (and expensive) tests or emergency room visits.

With telemedicine, quality is not compromised either, which is an important factor to consider when utilizing technology in the healthcare realm. Data shows that telemedicine can deliver quality outcomes comparable to in person office visits. According to the CDC, a study showed 80% of adults discharged from the emergency room sought our care at the ER due to lack of access to a primary care physician. The ER is one of the most expensive and least efficient ways to provide non-emergent care, costing an average of $1,233 per visit–more than the average rent in the U.S. Alternatively, telemedicine appointments can cost as little as $40.

Many telemedicine offerings, like HeathiestYou, provide additional benefits like prescription pricing comparisons, cash vs. insurance pricing for common procedures, and real-time connectivity to your insurance carriers for instant coverage information, deductible tracking and benefit summaries.

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