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5 Things You Didn’t Know Were Covered By Your Car Insurance

When it comes to auto insurance, there isn’t a “one size fits all” policy. Different coverages and limits can be combined to create the ideal coverage for you and your family at a price that you are comfortable with. When most people think of auto insurance, car accidents are the immediate threat that come to mind. However, auto insurance policies can be used to protect you and your family in a variety of different ways. Below, we outline unexpected costs that can be covered through an auto insurance policy.

1. Your Pet’s Injuries
For many pet owners, dogs and cats are considered part of the family. When pets are injured, vet bills can be a large unforeseen financial burden. Thankfully, many companies offer pet injury coverage with their Collision Policy, which can be used to cover veterinary bills including medication.

2. Lost wages after a car accident
Car accidents are not only emotionally draining, but they can also affect your physical health and ability to work. Many people consider the health risks and personal property damages with car accidents, but they don’t plan for a loss of income because of injury. Many policies offer coverage for lost wages, or wages you cannot earn because of your injury in a car accident. In order to assume this coverage, a Personal Injury Protection policy should be incorporated into your car insurance plan.

3. A friend’s car accident with your vehicle
If a friend gets in an accident in your vehicle, your insurance can still cover the damages. Liability insurance pays for the damage and injuries caused to others, up to your policy limit, and collision coverage pays for the damage to your car. However, you may have to pay out of pocket fees if the damages exceed your limits, which is why is always safer to have high limits.

4. Rodent Damage
If a mouse chews through your car’s wiring, are you protected through your policy? If you have comprehensive coverage, your repairs are generally covered. Comprehensive policies cover damages to your vehicle that are from “other than collision” accidents. If you have had issues with rodents before in your home, be sure to thoroughly review the specific perils of your coverage to ensure rodent damage is covered.

5. Earthquakes and floods
Natural disasters aren’t typically at the top of policy owners’ minds when it comes to car damage. However, if you’ve ever experienced a flash flood, had a storm knock a tree onto your car, or even had a window shatter due to weather, you know natural disasters can be very damaging. You can add these natural disasters to the list of risks covered under Comprehensive Auto Insurance. This coverage typically covers damage to your care’s glass and paint, as well as fire, flood, vandalism, and impact with an animal.

When deciding on a car insurance policy, it can be tempting to cut costs by opting for lower limits or minimal coverage. However, millions of policy owners are denied each year for claims that thought were covered in their policy. To ensure you don’t end up with a huge financial burden, consult with your agent to find the best coverage that will suit all your needs.